Frequently Asked Questions
MeFB is designed to replace those teaching feedback forms that end up crumpled at the bottom of your tray or handbag. It allows you to collect feedback on your teaching sessions on the go. The feedback forms are deliberately short and simple, so that students can complete them at the end of the session. You can then view your feedback for each session, or group the feedback for multiple sessions together. It can all then be downloaded as a certificate which you can use for your appraisal, ePortfolio or interview.
To collect feedback as a teacher, you do need to create an account. Students do not need to create an account to give feedback.
Sure! Contact us on and we will send you a test account log in. If you want to try out giving feedback, just use 1234567 as the Tutor ID.
At the moment, we have feedback forms for tutorials, bedside teaching, clinical skills teaching and attachment supervision (eg supervising a student on placement on your ward). In light of the COVID pandemic we have also launched feedback forms for online teaching. If you can think of any other types of teaching session you would like feedback for, please get in touch on
Make sure you have a MeFB account then just get your students to go to, enter your professional registration (GMC/NMC etc) number and fill out the form. Simple and quick!
We use your professional registration number (GMC/IMC/NMC etc) as a unique identifier to link you to your feedback. You will need to give your number to students to allow them to find you on the system and give you feedback. You can attach multiple registration numbers to your account, so if you are registered with more than one professional council please only create one account. When you log in, you can add other professional registration numbers on the settings page. If you are a pre-registration student, or work in outside of the UK and Ireland, please contact us and we will give you a user ID. Accounts with invalid or unverifiable professional registration numbers will be deleted for spam prevention purposes so please ensure you use the correct number.
Yes! We have a feature called "Custom Links". On your dashboard you can generate a custom link that students can use to quickly and easily access the site. Custom links take the form of You can choose any custom text you like. When a student uses a custom link, your tutor ID will automatically be populated in the form. You can also set it up to prefill fields such as tutorial type and tutorial name. Finally, if you wish, you can generate a QR code to make it even easier for students to navigate to the form!
If you are a pre-registration student, other health care professional, or work in outside of the UK and Ireland, please contact us and we will give you a user ID. We hope to add other registration groups in time. DO NOT make up a number, accounts with invalid or unverifiable professional registration numbers will be deleted for spam prevention purposes and feedback will be lost.
Yes. We do not collect learners' details. However, when feedback is collected for small group sessions, it is possible that remarks may be identifiable. This anonymous set up is deliberate to ensure feedback forms are quick and simple to complete.
The system assumes that all feedback you receive within a one hour period relates to the same tutorial. If a student gives feedback at a later stage, it may appear as a separate tutorial. You can amalgamate the feedback manually by navigating to the View Feedback page, selecting the session type and check the boxes for both sessions before generating your summary and certificate.
Yes! This feature has now been implemented. Simply enter each Tutor ID in turn in the Tutor ID box on the feedback form. Each tutor will be added to the list. This is a question that has been asked a lot since MeFB launched in early August 2019 and is not something we had considered during development. If you have other suggestions for improvements, please send them to us!
Our privacy policy is available at the link at the bottom of this page.
We don't plan to contact you frequently, unless there is a change that we feel you need to know about or a problem with your account. MeFB is, however, currently in its pilot phase, and so we will contact you to ask you for feedback and suggestions occasionally. Feel free to get in touch at any stage if you have any suggestions.
Please contact us on with your name and email address and we will process the account deletion for you. Please note that account deletion is final and cannot be undone. All feedback will be deleted along with the account and will not be recoverable. You are, of course, welcome to re-register with MeFB again any time.

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